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UCLA Administration supports the University’s mission of Education, Research and Service by providing a variety of high-quality and cost-effective services, products and programs to the campus. The organization has more than 4,700 employees and an annual operating budget of approximately $700 million. Michael J. Beck, Administrative Vice Chancellor, is responsible for developing policy, monitoring compliance and overseeing campus operations in the following areas: Business Transformation Office; ios能用的梯子2021; Central Ticket Office; Environment, Health & Safety; Events & Transportation; Facilities Management; Financial & Organizational Services, Housing & Hospitality Services; Information Technology Services; and UCLA Police Department.


 UCLA Interim Policy 862: Major Events

 UCLA Interim Policy 133: Security Camera Systems

UCLA Policy 130 Emergency Notifications - 12/10/18

UCLA Policy 110, UCLA Brand Guidelines and Requests to use the UCLA Marks

Annual Security and Fire Safety Report

New Bruins Safe Resources

Additional Resources

Organizational Chart

Administrative Policies

Annual Financial Report

Strategic Plan

Emergency Action Plan Template

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Sustainability at UCLA

UC Wildfire Smoke AQI-Based Decision Making

UC Sustainable Practices Policy

UCLA Report from the Committee on the Undergraduate Student Facilities Resources Plan

UCLA Student Housing Master Plan 2011-2022

Special Projects

Campus Safety Task Force

Classroom Advisory Committee

Capital Programs Project List

Housing Resources and Planning

UC Wildfire Smoke & Air Quality Report 



Policy 110: Use of University Name & Marks

Policy  130: Emergency Notifications

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Policy 862: Major Events